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Flexibility, Community,


Welcome to Touchdown Coworking Space—where dreams merge with dedication, where visions find their voice.
Coworking Space Oakville Mississauga

7-day FREE Trial

 Take a moment to immerse yourself in our space.



Truly Flexible

Choose the number of days you want to come in per week or month - we embrace the variability that modern work lifestyles bring.


Truly Affordable

Coworking shouldn't break the bank - it should empower you. We believe in providing a workspace that's not just flexible but also easy on your wallet. 


Truly Equipped

Our premium desks are fully equipped with dual monitors, keyboard and mouse,  providing you with a truly productive experience. 


Truly Inspiring

Bathed in sunlight, our beautifully designed coworking space transforms work into a creative journey. It's more than office—it's a sunlit sanctuary for your ambitions.




we’re all driving towards our goals, no matter how many hurdles you may face,

we have everything required to support you and your work needs.

Beautifully designed Space

Belong, connect, collaborate with and learn from like minded professionals

1GB Internet Speed

Strategic Location

Free Parking

Come to work anytime you need

Weekly Members Only Events

Premium Italian coffee, espresso and snacks

Cost effective & Flexible Plans

Our Signature Aesthetic

At Touchdown, we view design as an emotional journey, transforming spaces into hubs of creativity, collaboration, and ambition.

Did you Know

Did you know?

74% of our members have expanded their professional networks, while a staggering 78% reported a surge in creativity and an improved work-life balance since joining our coworking space!

Discover the Touchdown difference.

Your 7-day Free Trial
How does it Work?

It's as easy as it gets—pick a date, book a tour, and show up for a game-changing work experience.

Totally free, NO payment details required!

1 - Book Your Trial Start Date

Select a date that works best for you. This will mark the beginning of your 7-day journey with us.

NO payment details required.

2 - Take a Quick  Space Tour

On your selected date, join us for a quick 15-minute tour. We'll show you around, introduce you to our community and of course, how to get around our coffee machine!

3 - Get Down To Business

Start your 7-day free trial... Handle all your tasks with ease, equipped with every tool you need. Dive in—your ultimate workspace is ready!

4 - Feel the Power of Coworking

Experience the electric vibe of community support as you celebrate your wins, both big and small. The transformative power of coworking!

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Thank you for contacting Touchdown!

Mon - Fri:      9am to 4pm

(Open 24/7 for members)

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